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Next to Normal Draft

He has brought an entirely different way of directing to the musical that none of the participants have ever experienced before, and it’s working incredibly well. This is the first time in my five years at Quinnipiac that there has been a new director for the musical. No one knew that a different director was chosen until a couple of weeks before auditions happened. As a member of the theater community at Quinnipiac, I am very interested in learning about the new director. I believe that the rest of the theater and arts community would be very interested in learning more about him as well, as he could be a part of the theater community for the foreseeable future.

Topic: New director for the musical

Writing about it: I’m involved in the musical and it’s very interesting to me, and I believe it will be very interesting to the rest of the theater and art department to learn more about the director.

Title: Next to Normal’s director is anything but

Audience: The audience of the article would be the theater and arts department.

Description of the audience: they are currently involved or were involved in the theater and arts department at Quinnipiac. They put their heart and soul into every show they do, on the stage or behind the scenes. They’re regular students but with close to a full-time job, on-the-side, when involved with a show.

Genre: Interview and introduction

Experience: No

Other writers: An alumni of Quinnipiac, Noah Golden, writes about the musical every year for his blog. His followers are other alumni of the Quinnipiac theater community.